7 Reasons why you need a business website

If you still aren’t sure that a website is right for your business, consider these seven reasons why you need a business website to quickly grow your business:

1. A website acts as an anchor for your marketing

Your website is where your potential customers go to learn more about your business. 

All the important information about your local business such as Your address, phone number, email address, service/product list, Prices, Special promotions, Events etc. Should be made available on your website for customers. 

Also, it is where are your marketing/advertising should drive interested customers.

So before you even print a business card or flyer for advertising your business, get a website. 

2. A website promotes and sells your products/services

Your website can be likened to a 24 hours sales person that is always available to make sales even when your business is closed.  

It can act as a digital brochure, sharing up-to-date information about your products/services, as well as a direct sales tool. E.g. When e-commerce or booking system is integrated into your website, it can allow customers purchase your product or book your service online even when your physical business is closed for the day. 

3. A website helps you connect with both new and existing customers

Your website will enable new customers who are looking for the solution you provide easily find you especially when they search online via Google and other search engines. This can only be possible if you have a website. 

Also your website acts as a base for your existing customers to reach your 24/7 and as a means to keep them engaged and informed. 

Your website can also be used to generate quality leads using optin-forms with discount offers etc which you can then nurture to become paying customers. 

4. A website can help you compete with big brands

For example, If a customer within your locality or city, searches for shoes on Google and your business deals on shoes, your website will eventually be most relevant for that search as Google and other search engine prioritize local search and often rank results according to location, which is a benefit to your business when you have a website. .

5. A website helps your business build credibility

 A website makes your business look legitimate, serious and credible. Without it, customers can’t find you, let alone learn to trust you. 

Absence of a website for your business can also make you look out-dated and out-of-touch. 

6. A website allows you to control your business / brand destiny

 When you build your business site, you will control what audiences see about your business or brand and ensure that only correct details and information about your business are presented to customers. 

Also if you rely on other third party platforms like social media etc. They may restrict your business in many ways for instance not allowing you post certain information on their platform which they consider prohibited. But with your own website, you have control over what you post or share. 

7. A business website is affordable

Website cost and maintenance factor is one of the reasons why most people shy away from owning a business website. But contrary to the widespread belief that owning a website is expensive and difficult to maintain, all you need to own a business website is a domain name which starts from $1.99 to $10, a good hosting plan ranging from $0.9 to $3 per month and a good and affordable Web design service. 

So in conclusion, owning a website for your business is very important for it's success and fast growth especially in this technology era. 

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