Introduction and Overview


ProfileSpace Network is a platform that is designed to help users to easily and quickly create their professional profiles online in order to showcase who they are and what they do via a single Link which is unique to them.

No need for a website as the platform gives users the ability to create their very own ProfileSpace which can serve as their personal or professional website.

The platform makes it easy for anyone to create a relationship with their audience, customers or clients.


  • Custom Domain: Use your own custom domain with your ProfileSpace e.g
  • Subdomain: Get a personalised subdomain instead of the default path URL. e.g instead of
  • QR Builder: A Quick Response code is a type of barcode which contains information in this case your profile link and can be read easily by a digital device.
  • vCards: vCard also known as VCF (Virtual Contact File) is a form of electronic business card that automates the exchange of personal information typically found on a traditional business card. It contains all useful information about you found on your ProfileSpace and can be easily created from professional templates to choose from.
  • Online CV & Export: Easily create Professional online Curriculum Vitaes from professionally designed templates which can be shared via your ProfileSpace URL or exported as PDF file.
  • Follow / Unfollow: You can easily follow other users profiles and have others follow yours.
  • Blog: Create blog posts to share your thoughts, experience, ideas and opinions etc. via your ProfileSpace.
  • Portfolio: Create a professional Online Portfolio to showcase your works and promote your services to potential clients around the world.
  • Achievements: Showcase your greatest professional achievements on your ProfileSpace such as number of completed projects, clients, countries etc.
  • Skill: Highlight your professional / technical skills on your ProfileSpace for potential employers or clients to see and know what you are capable of.
  • Service: Grow your clients by displaying the professional services you offer on your ProfileSpace.
  • Experience: Showcase your work and educational experiences on your ProfileSpace to potential customers and clients worldwide.
  • Testimonial: Testimonials are a way of telling potential clients what past customers and clients think of you and your work. It is a great way to make a potential client feel confident and comfortable to work with you.

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