How to Hide or Show the sections / pages of your ProfileSpace

You may want to display all the sections / pages in your ProfileSpace or may choose to hide certain sections for some reason. Whatever the case, you can simply do this via your control panel.

Follow the Steps below to hide or show any section / page in your ProfileSpace


  • Click on the Preference tab in your control panelto go into the Preference page.
  • In the Preference page, buttons to control your ProfileSpace sections will be displayed like in the above screenshot. Note that the above example may differ from your own account due to difference in your purchased plan.
  • To hide a section of your ProfileSpace, click on the button with name corresponding to the section to turn off and which will change the button to white indicating that it is off.
  • Likewise, to show a section, click the button again to turn it on indicated by the blue highlighted colour of the button.

That's it !

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