How to Create vCards for your ProfileSpace

vCard also known as VCF (Virtual Contact File) is a form of electronic business card that automates the exchange of personal information typically found on a traditional business card. It contains all useful information about you. ProfileSpace makes it easy for you to create a vCard using already professionally designed templates.

vCards can be created from the vCards Management tab of your control panel which is divided into two submenus namely: vCards and Add vCard.

Steps to Create a vCard for your ProfileSpace


  • Login to your control panel and click on the vCards Management tab to show its submenus.
  • The first vCards submenu, will display a list of available vCards you have created.
  • To create a new vCard, from the vCards submenu, click the Add vCard buttonat the top right corner of the page to go into the Add vCards page.
  • Or click the secondsubmenu labeled Add vCard which will also take you to the creation page.
  • In the Add vCard page, first choose a template from the the available templates.
  • Next enter the required content for your vCard such as: Profile and Cover images, vCard Name (name for the vCard used to identify it's purpose), Directon (LTR or RTL which is the language direction in case it is in Right to Left language format like Arabic), next enter your personal details such as Name, Company Name, Occupation, Email, Phone, Address, Website URL and Information (which is information about yourself) in the fields provided.
  • You can add more information to your vCard by clicking on the Add Information button underneath the page, this will create new fields for additional info.
  • Once done, click on the Submit button to save your vCard.
  • After submitting, next you will need to add content to your vCards.

Screenshot: Add vCard information


Adding & Managing your vCards Content


You can add and manage  vCards content by clicking on the manage button in the vCards page which will display a list of links to various sections of your vCard such as:

  • Information: Clicking this link will take you to the page where you can add or edit your vCard information.
  • Colors: This link will take you to the Buttons & Icon Colors page where you can edit the colors for your vCard.
  • Preferences: This link will take you to the vCard Preferences page where you can choose the elements to hide or show on your vCard.
  • Services: This will take you to the vCard Services page where you can add or edit the services that will display on your vCard.
  • Projects: Add or edit projects for your vCard through this link.
  • Testimonials: Add or edit testimonials for your vCard through this link.
  • About & Video: From here you can add a video and text about you to your vCard.
  • Translate Keywords: From here you can tranlate all the keywords of your vCard to your preferred words.

You can preview your vCardnby clicking on the URLs button under the preview column to access the links to your vCard.

That's it!

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