How to Buy a Plan

ProfileSpace Networks has Monthly, Yearly and Lifetime pricing plans available for users to choose from . The plans are categorized into tiers namely:

  • Basic Monthly and Basic Yearly Packages.
  • Standard Montly and Standard Yearly Packages.
  • Plus Monthly and Plus Yearly Packages.
  • Free Lifetime, Gold Lifetime and Platinum Lifetime Packages.

The package you choose to purchase will determine the features you will have available in your ProfileSpace.

You can buy a Pricing Plan for your ProfileSpace either directly from the ProfileSpace Network's Pricing page or from your control panel.

In this case, I will illustrate how you can purchase a plan as an existing user directly from  your control panel following the steps below

  • Login to your control panel and click on the Buy Plan tab which will open the packages page which shows your current package and other packages you can choose from to buy.
  • Click the Buy Now button of any package to open the checkout page , then you can choose a payment method and proceed to make your payment.

That's it!

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