How to Add Skills to your ProfileSpace

It is important to add Skills to your ProfileSpace in order to showcase your level of knowledge and competence in each of your listed skills which will enable your potential clients know your abilities and strengths.


  • Click on the Skills tab in your control panel to go to the skills page.
  • In the Skills page, click on the Add Skill button in the right hand corner to bring up the new skill form.


  • Enter the required details such as: Language (content display language), Title (enter the skill title), Percentage (enter the percentage of your knowledge in that skill e.g from 0 - 100), Color (choose the color which will be used to display the percentage level), Serial Number (for organizing the achievement display order).
  • Once done, click the Submit button to save the skill.

You can easily edit a skill by going into the skill page and clicking on the Edit button next to the skill.

That's it!

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