How to Add Services to your ProfilleSpace

displaying services you offer on your ProfileSpace will help promote them to potential clients and customer worldwide. You can easily add services via the Service tab of your control panel if the plan you purchased includes the service feature.


  • Click the Services tab in your control panel to go to the service page
  • In the service page, click on the Add Service button in the right hand corner to bring up the new service form (see screenshot below).


  • Enter the required details provided in the form such as uploading an image for the service, choose language, enter name of service, enter description content, enter serial number (the higher the number, the later the service is displayed in the list), Feature the service on your homepage service section by ticking the Featured box and Enable or disable the details page for the service by selecting the corresponding radio button.
  • You can also set a meta keyword and description for the service which can help in SEO.
  • Once you have entered all the necessary details, click on the Submit button.

Likewise you can edit a service by clicking on the Edit button in the service page. That's it!

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