How to Add Experiences to your ProfileSpace

Adding job and education experience to your ProfileSpace is highly recommended as it will help promote your services and work to potential clients, customers and audience.

Your Job and Education Experiences can be easily added to your ProfileSpace by following the process below.

Steps to Add Experiences to your ProfileSpace

From your ProfileSpace control panel, click the Experiences tab to display the two submenus namely: Job Experiences and Education Experience.


Job Experiences

  • To add a Job Experience, click on the Add Job Experience button on the top-right corner of the Job Experience page to bring up the Add Job Experience form.
  • Enter your content in the fields provided which includes: Language (content display language), Company Name, Designation / Position Name, Content / Job Responsibility, Start Date, End Date, Present checkbox (tick or untick as applicable to enter an end date or show you are currently in the position), Serial Number (for organizing the job experience order).
  • Next click the Submit button after entering all the required details.

Screenshot: Add Job Experience


Education Experiences

  • Similarly, to add an Education Experience, click the Educations submenu under the Experiences tab to go into the Educations Experience page.


  • in the Educations page, click the Add Education button on the top-right corner to bring up the Add Experience form.
  • Enter the required details such as Language ( content display language), Degree Name, Short Description, Start Date, End Date, Serial Number (for organizing the job experience order).
  • Click the Submit button to save.

Screenshot: Add Education


That's it! your Job and Education Experiences will now be displayed on your ProfileSpace homepage.  You can simply edit the added items by clicking on the Edit button next to the added experience.

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