Adding a Custom Domain


Let's assume you have purchased a package with Custom Domain feature and want to load your ProfileSpace via your own custom domain name e.g. You will get a Custom Domain menu in Domains & URLs in User Control Panel (see below Screenshot).


  • Before sending the request, you have to add CNAME record to your custom domain from the domain registrar (e.g. Namecheap, godaddy etc..) account of
    CNAME record is basically needed to point your custom domain to our platfrom so that it can show your ProfileSpace in the custom domain.
  • You will get the CNAME record data in the table in Domains & URLs > Custom Domains page of the Control Panel (see below Screenshot).



Different domain registrars (e.g Namecheap, Godaddy etc...) has different interface for adding CNAME record. If you cannot find the option to add CNAME record in domain registrar's dashboard, then please contact the domain registrar's support. The support will help you to find it.

We will be using Namecheap for this illustration


  • Login to your Namecheap account and in the dashboard click on the menu 'Domain List' to get the list of your purchased domain.
  • Next click on 'Manage' button on the extreme right of the domain name to go into the Domain details page. (see screenshot below)


  • In the Domain Details page make sure the NAMESERVERS is set to Namecheap BasicDNS ,  then click the Advanced DNS tab to proceed (see screenshot below).


  • In the Advanced DNS page, click the ADD NEW RECORD link in red colour, the select CNAME Record from the dropdown list.
  • Go back to your Domains & URLs > Custom Domains page of your  ProfileSpace Control Panel to get the CNAME Record values which are given as @ for the host and for the value.
  • Enter these details in their respective fields and click on the green tick icon to save.


  • After adding CNAME record, you might still not be able to send request for your custom domain and will get the error shown in the screenshot below because after adding CNAME record, it will take some time to complete DNS propagation of the custom domain It is said that it takes up to 72 hours to complete DNS propagation. But, generally the propagation is completed much quicker than that (few hours) 


  • Once the DNS propagation is completed, you can finally send request for the custom domain via the Domains & URLs > Custom Domains page of your  ProfileSpace Control Panel.


  • Once you click on the Send Request Button, you will get a success message to show that your request was successfully sent and will be attended to in a short time.


That's it! You will have your custom domain linked to your ProfileSpace in no time.

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